BEGIN Program

Our BEGIN Program

Our qualified and experienced fitness professionals will provide you with tailored guidance and support, to ensure you are equipped with the knowledge and know how to help you achieve your health and wellbeing goals. 

Benefits of BEGIN:

  • Completely FREE for full access members 
  • Ongoing support to reach your fitness goals 
  • Guidance tailored to your fitness experience and lifestyle 
  • Maximise your results to look and feel your best 


Become a full access member to receive the best start to your fitness journey with our BEGIN program. Click below to get started now or enquire about the program and book in your 3 FREE appointments. 

Your First 30 Days

Three complimentary appointments

Appointment 1 - Beginning (Day 1- 3 of membership)
From the Beginning we will take the time to understand your goals, your motivations and your reasons to change. We will build a baseline to measure and map your progress and develop a personalised gym program designed and demonstrated to you. 

Appointment 2 - Check-In (Day 14 -17 of membership)
Your Check-In is the appointment which will take place approximately two weeks after your Beginning appointment. Here, we will focus on how you are finding your personalised program and where we can make any changes to ensure you’re on the right track. 

Appointment 3 - Benefits (Day 30 of membership)
In your third appointment, we will re-visit your Beginning baseline markers and review how we have progressed in the initial 30 days and the Benefits you have gained. Your trainer can change up your program at this time and provide guidance on your next steps with assisted or accelerated training programs.

BEGIN FAQs Expand all

Can I access BEGIN if I am already a member?

Absolutely! Talk to reception or a trainer when you are in centre next to book in your appointment!

How do I access the BEGIN program?

BEGIN is available to all full access members of our facility. 
If you are already a member, talk to our team or reception to book your consultation with a trainer.

Not a member? Get started today!

What are the benefits of BEGIN?

  • A free program for all full access members. 
  • Build upon and strengthen your mental, emotional and physical attributes.
  • Receive a tailored exercise program using the latest in scientific methods.
  • Ongoing support to keep members looking and feeling their best.

What can I expect from BEGIN?

All new members receive three (3) sessions in your first four weeks of joining our club. You'll meet with one of our highly qualified health professionals who will take you through the Begin program. 

Determining your current health and fitness ability and recommend a custom exercise program tailored to your individual needs.

To ensure you don't get bored of your specialised fitness program we apply time efficient and effective techniques.

Tailoring each member’s personal fitness plan by using the latest in scientific approaches, ensuring we create the perfect program for you!

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